Drupal 8 installation on the command line

Submitted by admin on Mon, 12/23/2019 - 10:47

Most of my maintenance will be done from the command line. These are some lines from a recent setup.

# I have already installed composer; replace <project name> with your own project name
composer create-project drupal-composer/drupal-project:8.x-dev <project name> --no-interaction
cd <project name>
mkdir -p config/sync
chmod -R 777 config
cd web/
chown www-data sites/default/files
chmod 770 sites/defaul/files
chmod a+w sites/default/settings.php
# Now finish the install from the frontend.
# Start tightning up security.
chmod a-w sites/default/settings.php
chown www-data sites/default/files/php
chmod 770 sites/defaul/files/php

I'm sure I have done more steps securing and tweaking this installation. This list will be updated the next time I install Drupal 8.