Some common notes on Drupal 8

Submitted by admin on Sat, 04/18/2020 - 18:25

These are some common actions and notes that I use when working on my Drupal 8 installation.

# Drupal custom themes are located in web/themes/YOUR-THEME-NAME

# Check status of the drupal installation:
vendor/bin/drupal ss

# Security might need to be tuned down for installing / modification:
chmod a+w /home/flame/sites/
chmod a+w /home/flame/sites/*
chmod a+w /home/flame/sites/
# revert after maintenance:
chmod a-w /home/flame/sites/
chmod a-w /home/flame/sites/*
chmod a-w /home/flame/sites/

# Clearing cache can be done with:
vendor/bin/drupal cache:rebuild

# Updates for core can be done with composer:
composer require drupal/core --update-with-dependencies

# Installing modules can be done with:
composer require drupal/devel_entity_updates
# Enable the module in drupal en run the update-database

# This seems to be a handy command for update url aliasses:
vendor/bin/drush entup

# Run database updates after updating or adding modules
vendor/bin/drush updatedb